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When it comes to your transmission, it’s important to be proactive. Letting a problem go unchecked for too long could leave you stuck with a dead transmission. Fortunately, there are a number of recognizable indicators that your truck may need transmission service in Abbotsford. If you notice any of these warnings signs, make sure to visit A-Combined for the best used truck parts and expert repairs from certified mechanics.

Changing Gears

If your truck suddenly gears up or down without you changing speed, it can be the result of transmission trouble. It also causes undue stress on your engine, which has to work harder to avoid stalling. Regardless of whether you drive a manual or automatic, you should be able to change gears smoothly. If the shift is clunky or seems unwilling to change gears, it’s time to check the transmission.

Look For Leaks

Leaking transmission fluid is another clear indicator that your truck needs servicing. If you notice red stains accumulating on the ground under your vehicle, lay down some cardboard. If stains start showing up on the cardboard, then you know it’s an active leak. You can rely on A-Combined in Abbotsford to keep your truck or SUV running smoothly with expert transmission repairs and replacement parts.

With our expansive inventory of used truck parts, you can trust A-Combined to have the one you need. To learn more about any of our services or check on a part, contact us today!

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